is your trusted source to work with the world’s top 1% of data experts to build and maintain your custom data science solutions.

Remote, secure and cost effective.

Companies deploying custom data science solutions are up to 15% more profitable, but majority of companies struggle:

Insufficient inhouse data expertise

Can’t afford full inhouse data science operations

Don’t want external consulting (often fails to deliver impact, excessive costs)

Quick introduction to SCALEWORK:


Define a fitting solution via our Solution finder, chose from our Services or get inspired by our Past solutions.


We match and suggest the best experts from our vetted and profiled experts pool to your requirements.


You select an expert and agree to a simple and attractive daily pricing rate between you and the expert.


You and the expert start collaborating in our encrypted, secure remote environment.


The expert delivers your solution and SCALEWORK acts as your trusted partner and settles all legal, infrastructure and support topics throughout.


Done. You just launched a new Data Science application that drives your bottom-line profitability.


5000+ experts

Delivered by the worlds best data scientists, ensured by SCALEWORK.
Highly effective

Our experts use our frameworks and template solutions to save you time and money.

Impact driven

We don’t sell consulting, we deliver proven data-driven solutions.

Unmatched pricing

We are at least twice as cost effective than your next best option. Challenge us!

100% secure

We secure all data on EU servers. Your data is save in our secure and ringfenced environment.

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