We help you to make data impact as simple and cost-effective as possible

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We love impact, transparency and simplicity.

Throughout our careers, we have helped many companies scale their data-driven organisations, but we could also see limitless companies struggle to create sustainable impact from data. This has several reasons: Lack of experience in anticipating impactful data science solutions; inability to translate project ideas into requirements; limited access to data experts; and overly expensive and frustrating service providers in the market – to name a few.

With SCALEWORK, we want to offer all companies the chance to realise the power of data, irrespective of their internal level of digitisation or analytics capability. Furthermore, we want to make data impact as simple and cost-effective as possible. Welcome to SCALEWORK.

Why neglecting AI is not an option for your Business?


of global organizations believe that AI will give them a competitive edge


of companies claim that using AI in their business strategy is a top priority


more profitable are companies that systematically deploy AI solutions

Meet the Founders

Ulrich Busch

Ulrich is a true believer when it comes to data-driven insights and has been on a mission to make better decisions through data his entire career. Previously, he supported C-level executives to establish Digital units in their organization and to explore data-driven business models. He also founded a market-leading sourcing provider for Cloud Engineers and Data Scientists in Sub-Sahara Africa.

Tobias Nendel

Tobias is passionate about building secure, high-performance big data infrastructures. He is also a serial entrepreneur of four successful businesses. He developed the tech organizations for a big data pharma SaaS business as well as for one of the most successful fashion e-commerce retailers in Germany. His university background is in Bioinformatics and Information Systems.

Michael Bücker (Prof. Dr.)

Michael loves a tough problem to solve. As a mathematician at heart, he sources from his deep fundamental understanding of today’s analytics and AI methods. He also loves to share his wisdom as acting Professor for Data Science. In his past career, he developed custom data science solutions for hundreds of clients worldwide at one of the leading global strategy consultancies.

Frederic Krahforst

Frederic loves to scale businesses on data. He has a engineering background in machine learning and cybersecurity, but spent most of his career on the management side. He was responsible for data strategy and operations of one of Europe’s largest media conglomerates and co-founded a company to detect money laundering patterns in banking data. He is also one of the leading figures behind the creation of Europe’s largest data joint venture between Germany’s three leading media companies.

Our core values

Proactive Acting & Communication

Being proactive is key to identifying and solving challenges early. Through proactive communication, we avoid hidden problems and lost potential.

Progressive Learning Attitude

We believe everybody can grow with tasks by maintaining a consistent learning attitude through knowledge sharing, open-mindedness & exploration.

Respect is our Culture

We recognise and appreciate that everyone has something unique to offer regardless of religion, ethnicity, geographical location, culture, disability, or gender.

Client-Centric Acting

All our activities aim to create value for our clients by anticipating and exceeding their expectations.

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