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The problem that we solve

You got your team hyped about the power of analytics and now they generate lots of ideas on how to better leverage your data? At this stage you want a short time to first model so you can build momentum in your organization. We experienced that business leaders struggle to get the right experts in cloud computing, big data processing or advanced analytics. Also internal Data Science teams fail as accelerator, due to existing committments on long-term projects. Many of our clients have been where you are today and we perfectly understand your needs. A dedicated customer success manager is just a call away and will be your data translator who quickly understand the problem that you are trying to solve. After submitting data securely, our team of analytics specialists will get to work with the objective to empower you and your organization in taking actions based on gathered data insights.

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How it works

If you are looking for Data Specialists to solve your problems, this is your fastest way to get started.

Our awesome features
Select the package that is right for you.

Our awesome features
30-mins onboarding call with your Customer Success manager.

Our awesome features
Specify business problem to solve and submit data securely.

Our awesome features
Data Expert confirms task, clarifies open questions & proposes approach incl. delivery time.

Our awesome features
The task is processed and will be looped until desired results are achieved.

Our awesome features
Tracking of service quality & time spent is reported on a monthly basis.

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Payment plans

40 hours over 8 weeks
€ 2,760 excl. VAT
  • Analytics support on Python, XLS, KNIME, Alteryx
  • Visualization support on Power BI & PowerPoint
  • Real-time availability to shared resource pool during core office hours
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100 hours over 12 weeks
€ 5,900 excl. VAT
  • Analytics support on Python, XLS, KNIME, Alteryx
  • Visualization support on Power BI & PowerPoint
  • Real-time availability to shared resource pool during core office hours
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Customised to your needs
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  • Analytics support on custom Enterprise tools
  • Visualization support on custom Enterprise tools
  • Real-time availability of dedicated analytics support team
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Frequently Asked Questions

Aside from the onboarding call, there is no further ramp-up required. The analytics team is specialized on the outlined technologies and is 100% focused on directly working with Business Professionals like you.

No - our objective is to make this process as simple and easy as possible for you. Within the 30-mins onboarding call we will look at different options and have a communication channel established.

Yes - we can also communicate via mail. But we recommend messengers that you are already using in your organization as communication tool of choice.

The minimum quantity of hours that you can purchase is 40 hours and we are not the right partners of one-off gigs. Most of our clients are regular users of this service that work with us on an ongoing basis. Getting to know you over time is also how we can achieve the best possible experience for you.

You will have to make a new purchase 8-weeks after purchase on "Starter" or 12-weeks after purchase in "Plus" if you want to continue working with us. We try to give you as much flexibility as possible when it comes to using this service - but to assure the level of quality that we offer, we work with a permanent team of specialists and need to have a reliable planning basis for the team as well.

Unfortunately, not. We do not issue full or partial refunds.

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