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The biggest blockers to overcome when unlocking AI

Based on 1,000+ interviews with decision-makers, we identified the most significant challenges companies face when harnessing AI for their business.

Clear AI strategy

Missing strategic direction beyond BI and Reporting.

Analytics roles

Competence requirements in present & future are not well defined.

Talent acquisition

Opportunistic analytics hiring instead of make-or-buy planning.

Performance metrics

Standard KPIs fail to measure & optimize for business impact.

Analytics in isolation

Business needs insufficiently translated to analytics solutions.

Delivering Results

Bottlenecks due to processes, systems or people delay results.

How we can help you remove these blockers?

We know that every organization is unique and we will work with you to explore, research and understand your key business challenges.

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Understand what success looks like for your organisation and define how data & AI can amplify the overall business strategy.

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Locate red flags that are likely to harm success based on organizational capabilities and recommend mitigation options.

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Define next best actions in alignment with ongoing initiatives and establish forward looking KPI-framework for continuous improvements.

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Invest in high-priority projects for building momentum, then visualize & reflect on accomplishments for strategic planning.

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Most popular job roles

Applying analytics in your organization requires a wide set of competencies fow which it is key to specify well-defined and interdependent job roles.


Project Managers Data Translators Business Experts

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Data Analysts BI-Consultants ML-Engineers

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Data Engineers DevOps Engineers Full-Stack Developers

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Playbook for acquiring mission-critical competences

For every role there are different design options - the first best solution depends on your business strategy, organizational capabilities as well as your working culture & budget constraints.

The Scalework mission is to make data impact as simple and cost-effective as possible

We believe that excellence can best be achieved by specializing and partner with other specialists. We have therefore built a curated portfolio of solutions & services of trusted vendors. As a result, we can offer you the full-range of capabilities that you need, without compromising on quality.

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